I am losing my words again because I don’t know what to say or how to say about what is now. 


Christina Osheim

our bodies really are strange things. I’ve had a headache/migraine all day today and it sucks. But it happens. And is something I am going to talk to my Dr. about when I next see him. 

I have been thinking again on whether or not having this blog be public is smart. Maybe some that I reveal will scare off a potential client. Make something I want not happen. Reveal too much to the world. 

it may do all of those things. But if it does, it does, and I will not regret (or hopefully not) that I am being so transparent with my life. That I believe this honesty is necessary for this new life that I’m living.  

This past week there has been and there continues to be so much grief in my world. It’s a natural part of life, but still a heart breaking one. And it has made me think more and more about how honesty and transparency is good for me. But I can only say my own truth. I need to always make sure I respect others.  

I have tried to be very careful from the onset about not naming people. Only giving generalities. If you know me and my habits well, it probably wouldn’t be hard to surmise who/what I am talking about. But if you don’t, you wouldn’t know. Just have a vague but relatable picture painted. That is my hope at least. 

Last weekend I was witness to someone sharing a whole truth that was partially theirs, but not fully theirs. (Am I using their correctly?— darn you grammar gods and iPhones) I felt bad, feel bad. I guess I am projecting myself into how I’d feel. And it wouldn’t be good. I also recognize that I didnt want to hear what I heard, so some of the not good feeling comes from that also. But It has made me think a lot about whether or not I unknowingly do that here. I hope no. And blog readers, sis in law, If I ever do please let me know! 

I can and will set my life up this way (transparent and vulnerable as a result) because it works to keep me accountable and sober. Lying or misleading can be too easy a habit to fall into. And for me always ends badly.

sooooooo. After a much longer post than intended, the good news is I soon go to sleep, I am in the middle of my book group book, AND!!!!! AND!!! My sister in law will be visiting for a week this summer to do some work. SCORE!!! (This is a truth that is ok to share) I am so exited to see her, and hopefully my brother too. It will be so great if I get to show them the space. I’m wondering if there’s any way to organize an art posse bbq and cook hot dogs and s’mores and cafch fireflys by the train tracks. Probably not, but maybe. The art Posse bbq is something that should happen regardless! 

Christina Osheim

Tonight was art Posse nights and it was one of the best. I feel I’m becoming more me again. The me I like. And that is awesome!!! 

So off to bed! 


Christina Osheim