Again, I am not quite sure what to write. Today I went to a meeting and it was about the first step. How we, assists, are self centered cams up and I went yes. This is true. And something I try to work against. 

But now I am in bed trying to think of how narcissistic this whole blog deal is. But then again, that was the point in its origin. I wanted to have a record of what’s Happening that I can be held accountable for. This small computer is a filtration system to snag all the bitch and process is a bit. 

i am getting my studio cleaned up and it is so excited to see an end to all of this. I miss making so much.  

Life is changing and I’m changing with it. It is actually tremendously cool to feel that I can handle the hurdle of being responsible for myself. And having a business that can grow and sustain me.  

Anyway, I’m pooped. Goodnight all 


Christina Osheim