I am watching dead to me and it is really funny. I am learning again to take care of myself.

Tomorrow my dad is having surgery. I hope it goes ok. I will go to the hospital after work and sit with my mom. I do hope it goes ok. 

I have gotten more of my pieces taped off and am working with my decals again. Friday morning I’m going to go in and work on some sculpture. Life will just keep on moving. 

My boss and I are having a meeting to see how this is going. I feel this is happening because I made some mistakes. And I need to look and see how I can work best. I am worried because my natural reaction is “I ducked up and am awful and terrible and am going to be fired not able to do anything normal because I’m too ducked up from drink.”

Which I know is my self obsession and pattern of I fucked up and it can’t be fixed.

it is good going meetings every day as I need them. 

ok, I’m going to photoshop some more.



Christina Osheim