I can’t wait until I am in a pattern. I’m getting closer but am not there yet. At the meeting I was at we talked about justification and anytime you use but that is a sign that you need to stop and take inventory.  

What I have been noticing is that I am getting better at deciphering myself as things happen. I realize more and more how far I have to go. That jealousy, judgment, and self doubt like to spend time roaming around my noggin. So reminders to let go and let god, thy will not my will and what is the next right thing and it harm none need to be ever in my mind as go tos.

um getting work ready to fire and am taping away my patterns. It’s pretty cool. 

So with all that is happening I am doing my best to stay in the moment and so the next right thing in front of me. 

good night all! 


Christina Osheim