The sickness lingers on. I spoke with my boss, the healer, and she said take care of me. Get over this or it will linger for weeks. So I am.  

I wonder if this is my body’s way of saying PAUSE!!!! STOP!!! You are making your life so much more difficult. 

So I’m working to get rested and well. Pause and set an intention. I made chicken and dumpling soup today. It is good and healing and reminded me that cooking isn’t hard. So I am going to make breakfast burritos to freeze tomorrow. I am sick of the frozen crap and this can be a new ritual. Like blogging.

You (I) get to decide how difficult things are. and so I will learn. And remind myself when I doubt if I am any good at all because the art shouldn’t be as easily made and explored as it is is because I’ve worked very hard for this. And I have retaught myself after my drunken bottom. It is easy because I worked my ass off through it not being easy. 

Not the hard stuff is the business end. But if I go back to the making I know enough and know who to call on when I need help with my hard stuff.  

good night. I kinda really want the sweatshirt I am posting. But I would wear it and that would be not good. 


Christina Osheim