I continue to be sick. Today I have accepted that I am sick and need to rest. Yesterday I just broke. Too many things all happening. I was seeing the dark side of the good. Life gives struggles and I have had the rug pulled from under my feet with what is happening. 

A good friend came over last night and let me talk/cry it out. She told me that perhaps this is a time to look at what makes me happy and to set new intentions. 

I am thinking now about when I meditate and get into a place between. When I do that I go to the roots, deep down to the core.

I always tend to feel like I’m behind a standard that is set. But I am that standard. I get to decide what my expectations are for me. 

Yesterday I was at my therapist and I had a feeling that I just needed to adjust one little thing in me to make a click. To get to a new spot. 

I got too far into the future with my plans. I forgot that I love the moment.

This past weekend and the past few days I have wanted to run away, give up. I had no energy for me or anything. 

I know that when I feel that way- the desire to run away and hide and cry then I am the problem. I need to tweak something and find my joy again. 

So today, tomorrow and this weekend I rest. 

❤️ to all. Soon I will be me again.  


Christina Osheim