Today has been so bombastic. I have been babysitting for friends— fun!!!- and had the best tickle fight with 2 small boys. I am soon off to another babysitting gig that should be fun also!  

I hung out with a good friend and we talked about art and projects and life. I reikied her. And I got broken up with the guy I tried to break up with last weekend. So f’ing surreal!  

So I had my towanda moment and have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. I am also feeling some feelings and know there are lessons for me to learn with this. But tonight I will just feel and acknowledge the loss.  

I also have day 2 of training. My partner has done here and I must not be the lazy one.  

I bough some sketching Supplies and pencils. It’s time For me to take ownership of that also. It’s strange. I can do so many creative things remarkably well. And because for so long I was told that it is impossible to make a living as an artist that I have believed that what I can do with ease and joy is therefore worthless. 

Its interesting. As a result I end up treating my talent with a carelessness. And that is disrespectful to it and the HP who made me how i

am. There’s a big difference between being a narcissist, egocentric artist and being one who recognizes their skill and treats that with the respect it deserves. 

*sigh* life is complicated.  

Tomorrow I turn 36 though I don’t feel it. But tomorrow I am single, happy, making a career as an artist. So I will date myself and see what adventure comes from that.  


Christina Osheim