My life is changing and transitioning. And I’m doing the next right thing trying to get to know my rhythms again.  

It is so darn surreal! Abreal. Strange. I found some images of work I was doing in grad school. Ideas that were just beginning to blossom and got trampled a bit by my peers. There is stuff to go back and re-explore. I realize now what I didn’t then. It’s the same thing as w my parents. I have a vision and faith that it will work out and resolve itself. I can see it and trust myself to take it where it wants to go. I don’t need Cranbrook nod of approval or my parents to keep pushing and exploring. I have often said that there are many feelings, emotions, things I cannot express in words but can with shapes and drawings.

just got back from a meeting where I drew this. Pen only. I haven’t drawn in about 3 or 4 months. It felt so good to do it again. This baby may become a decal!  

Time to book club. Aka read.  


Christina Osheim