I am still in Takoma Park hanging with my friends. We have had an amazing weekend — and now it is 8:09 and they have a fire going and we are all reading- or rather being quiet and reading computers, tablets or writing blogs.  

Tomorrow may well be my last day at our lady of peace. So strange. It seems so far away. All of it does. i am really excited about what this new adventure will shape up to be. 

My friend and I went to ikea for the sole purpose of a chocolate modular bunny. I found some things to help Mobius Kwrqmkkk/carefree clay. And forgot about the bunnies. Hahahahaha, poor 🐇 s. 

I also realized how silly and bamboozled I have been by the ikea garden sextion. The plants are all fake!!!! Hahahahahaha. OF COURSE they’re fake. I just couldn’t smell the earthiness or plasticity and took them at face value. Art and life are so strange. I’m so tir e and think I may go to bed soon. 



Christina Osheim