Today was hard as I was tired and off. I am soon heading to bed and can sleep in and get started. I will head to my studio and hten have therapy. Which is SO GOOD. So good.

I offered my studio up as a place for all of us from high school to gather and celebrate josh. it seems like as good a place as any and I think I will tell people to organize it how they are and i’m happy to do anything. I feel like this is a way that i can do a living amend to Josh. He would love for us all to be getting together laughing and crying for him. I bet he’d actually be laughing himself and cracking jokes.

I am moving forward and I am feeling. I haven’t been trying to hold back tears or straightjacket my emotions. I am learning. And setting boundaries for me.


My student threw brilliantly today. I am so happy that clay is becoming my life again.

With this i will sign out.


Christina Osheim