equal and opposite reaction. yuuuup. they exist and i’m on the other side of ecstatic. I think I may end up staying at our lady of peace through the end of February and the first 2 or 3 days of March. I also looked into advertising costs for cville weekly and uff da it’s a price tag. I also have a possible, my first!!!, overseas order. I wanted to run my plans or what I am thinking with all of this. And shared with my parents and brothers that I have, indeed, bought the printer.

I hate seeing a look of disappointment from my parents and the tone of voice from my bro. It kinda sucks. And I forget steps along the way. In about 20 minutes I received 3 bits of news that completely changed my February forecast. It was a holy moly. WHAAAAAA????

And I guess it boils down to I am doing the next right things as I see them. I need to believe in myself and trust my instincts.

I believe I am doing the right things. I won’t be working any more weekends. I can do this. or to rephrase I am doing this.

Tomorrow off to an audiologist to get my vertigo shaken out and my therapist to get my reaction of I fucked up whenever someone wants to talk to me. It goes here as well. People don’t agree with my actions. They are not stupid and not unfounded. That is ok. People don’t have to like everything I do. And I don’t need everyone to. I am okay letting my path unfold as it does.

ok. QR code and how did you ehar about classes question getting added to this.

night all

Christina Osheim