I got into a disagreement with a young woman earlier today. I was saying how the marital abuse laws have been changed by the trump administration to apply only to violence that could lead to a felony or misdemeanor. That emotional, psychological bullying did not count. Or sexual. This lady said she didn’t see why that was so bad. Women should be able to get out of a bad relationship on her own. 

I just had to say this is the great things of this country- we get to have our own opinions. It still amazes me that she doesn’t care. She also intensely dislikes me for whatever reasons and seems to think I have no info of value to give her. Aka- she projects her rage out. Not fun. *sigh* 

i realize from working at OLOP that I work hard to be an advocate for those who are not in a position to have a loud voice. 

friends have checked in on me today because I have been so tired and just low the past few weeks. It is really nice to have this support.  

I went to my parents to borrow $20 from my mom for half and half and money for a play tomorrow night. She asked me in a let’s gossip voice how am I doing? And I just said I’m fine,  doing well. Just busy. All true but part of this new plan to keep my life separate and the things I am sensitive to private.

i also just now had another, well damn moment. I thought I would be taking someone I used to teach and see a lot of to and from an appointment. I was excited. And now I have been asked to do it every other week and said I really don’t want to do that. How I was asked made it seem more like a fact and less a prefer

Dont count your chickens before they hatch. And I have to say that it really does piss me off that this was requested of me after we made an agreement I’d drive. I talked to my boss about it it time make that schedule fit this. rofessional to be so wish washy. So I messaged again with let me know by 4 tomorrow.

I can and do much for people. But time is so valuable as I’ve found out the past 6 months. I refuse to fuck around with mine. It will be what it will be.  

anyway, now I’m cranky and irritated. (AKA tired and more tired). It just irritates me to no end that people don’t seem to realize that I work a lot! My time is valuable. Especially day time. 

Ok, Gotta shake off my irritation. The guy I’ve been seeing does this too. Reminds me of all he is doing as if I’m sitting on a lilypad.  

Thank goodness I go to dc this weekend. I need a break from this town!  

Update- I’m driving every week. 👍


Christina Osheim