I’m transitioning into long term planning. I still hiccup back into wanting immediate gratification NOW boozy thoughts (dear sis in law you probably have heard from my bro of my most recent dream of long term goodness before I am actually prepared for it... slowly but surely.)

thats the thing I AM changing and right now it feels so freaking strange in my body. I have a tightness in my chest that I know is anxiety but it seems to correlate into me doing new action or feigning calmness because I KNOW that with classes etc it will take time to get things set up and people signed up and excited about this.- my business.

I AM getting excited. New plans are forming that will really clarify so much of my clay process.  

I have reiki to a friend and she gave me a treatment for the vagus system and cst. All of this healing stuff is so good. Apparently I have a very healthy body. It is in tuned. It’s my chakras and inner emotional places that are still a wack. 

My boyfriend and I have decided to take a pause from each other for the month of March. That too is right as I am so wound up right now. I need to realign me and get my new pattern started. I am missing him a lot and wishing I could or would txt him and say hello. But the timing isn’t right for either of us now. I hope we do come back together. Time and the HP will tell. 

Goodnight all! (8 mistyped that and it looked like foosnilist which I love! Foodnilist. The epicurean counter to brutilist in architecture.

sleep well.  

Christina Osheim