Yes! Indeed!  

It is 8:40 and I’m doing this sitting on my couch so I can climb into bed and cuddle up with a book and sleep.  

I have 11 more days (I hope) with OLOP. It is bittersweet leaving. G was speaking more today. And I am communicating so well with nursing. But moving on time it is. And I will 🤞 be able to do more for G. As an advocate and friend. 

im trying to put into motion some of what my therapist and I have been talking about. I am setting my own boundaries now. I’m trying to decide if this changes my share everything, don’t hold back mantra with this.  


im on the fence and will have to ruminate.

big steps are being taken. And it is right. 

i am just so darn happy to soon be getting messy again.  



Christina Osheim