I am off tomorrow. Today is like a nice calm Friday for me. I have begun to learn to not expect too much from my days off, just to do what is right for me then.  

Earlier today I had a great email regarding the situation I have been upset about. It is turning out much better than I’d feared. I am getting more than I hoped I would and after this will not speak of it to any extent. 

the money will be good to have but more so what feels great is me standing up for myself, my work and my business. Believing that I am valuable and should be treated as such. My hope is lessons are learned on both ends. 

It also makes me think of Spider-Man “with great talent comes great responsibility.” I have a tendency to downplay my talents as I don’t want to fan my ego or seem braggy. Truth of the matter is I have spent most of my life training these hands and mind to create. It shows. I am quite talented. But I cannot view this business as a lark. I do need to set boundaries, prices, expectations and consequences that reflect the value of what I can offer. I have been wanting to “sort of” own a business. This year I hope to own my business and make it the year of the hand. I won’t be happy in a position like I have for a super long term. I have the tools at hand (har har) to make that happen. 

One step at a time.  

I also am seeing someone. We are taking it slow and communicating and aetting up patterns. I get to see him Friday and am so excited. His birthday was January 1st and I am wondering what type of treat I should make! 

Ok, time for bed! 


Christina Osheim