The drummer continues to drum! Pace continues and the rhythm and patterns continue to evolve.

I ran errands after work and hung out with a friend after she had a wisdom tooth pulled. I started playing with my website and think I’m going to swap again from Shopify to Squarespace as i believe it will be good.  

For this I’m starting afresh and getting it all worked out. Build it from the bottom up to link and suit my needs.  

I feel like I’m settling into me. My new bed slept like a dream (har har) and I am just cleaning up.  

Okay friends, off to bed! Tomorrow I work and am excited to have adventures with my buddies at OLOP. 

Ooooh! One of my errands was to Kroger- I went and bought a bunch of games on major sale! Wheeeee!! Psyched.

Christina Osheim