My feet have been really annoyingly tingly for the past few days. Often at home I sit cross legged and work on my laptop. My right foot usually falls asleep and so I wiggle it. Because my nerves are a bit fucked I can’t really quite feel my foot. Other than tingles. So I started to shake it - just back and forth- and it looked so floppy and jellyish and not real. It was strange. I started to watch to see if something would change. Then started shaking my left door with the nerve tingles but not the fallen asleep. It was a compare and contrast and my left did not look as a jellyfish as my right. Which then scared me a little. That I would snap my foot somehow just testing the boundaries of what they’ll to.  

And they are still annoying me. The tingles. My whole body is a strange object that has all of these quirks from things that happened to me or things I helped happen to me. I sometimes wonder if my hands will someday give me a run for my money with quirks and pray that they won’t.  

I have 14 more days at OLOP and i am ready for it to be done. At this moment I’m just tired.  

Wednsday i will get to see the guy I’m seeing. It will be nice. It’s so funny though that all I really want to do is lean against his shoulder and fall asleep. 

aka, I’m whipped.  

Okay. The dream gods are calling me. 



Christina Osheim