I am trying to make small changes. I figure if this is going to be s new year i need to call myself on aspects of my life I’ve gotten lazy about. And then began to play mental games with myself regarding. Hahaha, typical!!   

I went to a different meeting with meditation included. I really liked it. It highlighted a part of aa that i do need to work on- mindfulness and meditation. I am really believing I need to switch my meetings up. Change and rediscover my AA support system. 

I also went and did a big grocery stop and cooked tonight! Yum and fun. A good friend came over and she knitted while we talked and I putted snd cooked in the kitchen.  i will take it over to s friends tomorrow and bake it for dinner. We are then going to go on a cinematic adventure: furry porn. Hahahahaha! 🤦‍♀️ I friend watched some over NYE and it sounds too bizarre and hilarious and possibly gross to not look into! 

I can do this and tomorrow I have off and can make coffee and get myself to the studio and begin 2019 which I am calling the year of the hand.

For now, British baking show is on and I must watch Mary Berry snd her clan of cooks conquer the kitchen. 



Christina Osheim