Oh boy. I am tired but feel I need to write a possibly decent post. ?!?  

Tonight was a speaker meeting at my home group and my sponsor was the speaker. It was great and we played games afterward. It is a community that is a family. We all share the same disease and quirks it includes. 

with these changes im making in my life I have gotten hints of nervousness from my immediate family. Ideas and changes that i have been considering for quite a while that suddenly all came together. I take it as kismet and I have been working to do the next right thing and it harm none. and I start taking steps toward that.

and my family is nervous and a little apprehensive of what and where I’m going. My brother especially when I started talking about getting a decal printer. I can see his reservation and hesitation. I have not yet mentioned it to my parents as I don’t feel like going through this same conversation again.  

(I was thinking I would right about this earlier today as I cannot hide things and stay honest, sober and healthy. My sponsors talk reminded me how important this is to me and my health. It also reminded me that actions and results show the change.)  

Well. I’ve talked to enough people and I am in the beginning stage of purchasing one. it is a risk but when is  life not a risk. And I thought pros and cons and all of what and how I can fail and my instinct and gut does day this is a good move. So I am moving forward. I’m not mentioning it to my immediate family as I’d rather wait until it begins to prove it is valuable. And if it proves not to be own up to making a mistake.

a cool thing is that a buddy of mine has agreed to work for me with class as a payoff. Whooohoooo!!! 

so the beat marches on. Friday I’ll be going to see my fellow. We’llnget dinner and get into some mischief. Or watch a movie. Hahaha. Life continues and I’m enjoying it. 


Christina Osheim