So. I went and worked for this lady and it was great. I really dig her presence and aura and way she works. I really hope she decides I am the best fit. But as I told her if I am not the best suited something else will happen.   

I walked to there and from there in the snow and it was magical! I saw Charlottesville different than I have before. It reminded me of Cranbrook snd Norway a bit— Trondheim. I also have started communicating with Glens brother. Between the two of us we will find something. Glen is here for a reason and I believe can have s new life. An unexpected life. But hey, isn’t that what we all have really?  

i walked home in the snow and am just lying here being quiet. Tomorrow I go to work and will tell my boss I am looking for a new job. I am s bit worried about that, but also know to the right thing to do. #growingup 


Christina Osheim