This weekend thus far has been so joyful. I texted my sponsor earlier tonight that I have stopped seeking happiness, but aim to find some joy every day.  

Right now it is snowing here snd I am in bed watching “Gentlemen prefer blondes” snd feeling so excited about the changes that are happening.  In a celebratory way I remembered that I got s $250 grant to do an art project at St Mark. Fun!!! I also have my eye on that week to be my final day or week. Not totally sure. So I see a field of seeds that are ready to sprout in ground that has had time to become nutritious and healthy. 

I am really hoping this position tomorrow works out. But what is great is if it doesn’t i have another lead i can pursue immediately! It is so cool that by being an active aa member, following the steps and being honest and kind and caring things do work out. Don’t know how, but they do. 

i am looking into possible resources for dear Glen. It galls me that if I’m honest I need to have payment in order to work with him every day. Or close to. So.... I wrote s letter to the Ellen Show telling our story. 

im getting details done. It is good. 🤞for tomorrow. 


Christina Osheim