Oh my goodness. I am so happy right now. I feel like tons of time has passed, but really just s rough December to tie the not on a tough year.  

I am going to be leaving my current job when I find something new. I cannot do these hours. If I continue to I will lose clay and Mobius snd I cannot. I am meant to be a practicing artist. i have a lead that I will test Sunday afternoon snd hope works!!

i am itching to be dirty snd find new Christina in the studio. I have been away and now can be bsck snd design it how it needs to be for me and my work. And set studio perimeters. Wheeeee! 

i also am so happy in this relationship that’s is beginning. We fit together well and I don’t have the insecurities or impatience I have had before. I am ok trusting it will take whatever time t takes to journey. That this meandering is part of the beauty. I hope we do keep working out and am so excited for the adventures and mischief we have. 

a good friend and I went on s good walk. We went exploring and ended up walking off the path and behind my neighborhood. I was reminded of cranbrook snd the grounds in a really nice way. 

Tomorrow i have Pilates and so will say goodnight! ✌️ 


Christina Osheim