I hung up artwork today. It is such a joy to find all of these old friends and hang them around my place. In a strange way it almost feels s but like making amends with the past and remembering the joy and the love of it all. It’s really interesting- I feel my family here. My grandparents. They are all here with me. My grandma Nelson not as strongly as she died when i was 2 and my memories are none. But I have s picture, the last, of her and me that my grandpa had in a frame on his dresser as long as I can remember. 

Supposedly I am like her. So that is also good. I feel that this string family presence is s sign that my actions are the right ones. that they’re honest. 

I have been honest as I’ve gone through all of these changes and transitions. I have felt s but awkward with it all, but I would rather be awkward than let it slide and build up and harm me. 

new things happening.  

Strange things. Happy things. Honest things.



Christina Osheim