this week has been a settle in week. Take time to settle into my new life and realign. Synchronicity. That seems to be something that is coming up in my life. I am actually still a little in shock that I have MY OWN place. I will love this as much as I loved my Philly apartment.

i spoke in Norwegian to one of the residents today which was awesome! I need to study!!  

Right now, especially with this move and job I am feeling ready to date. To see if there’s a partner in crime out there. So I signed back up for online dating. It will be really interesting. My expectations are some funny stories and proposition or two. Hahahahaha, oh lord. I’ll do this until I know the folks at the home better and they start trying to fix me up to their grandsons! 🤣

okay. I am tired. Off to sleep!


Christina Osheim