I wrote a somewhat snarky post while at a meeting so mad in some ways. Or maybe emotional. Annnnnnd.. it got lost somewhere. HP was giving me a kick in the ass to remind me that I don’t meet to projectile emote as much as I do.  

Always something new to learn. 

my studio is beginning to look good. These classes are taking shape! I’m getting my work done. Tomorrow I will compute and studio and push away at the need to’s of my life.  

I am in a new relationship. And a lot of my basket case is a result of that. I realize that I have never really had a truly sober relationship. I had one at 6 months but I was barely sober and there were other problems. I am asking my HP to grant me the serenity and patience to let this relationship play out.  

Ok, I’m going to read now and sleep.  


Nighty night everyone! 



Christina Osheim