hmmmm... today’s post is so strange to write. I have made some phenomenal progress in my studio. Shelves are beginning to clear and I am getting ready to clear them out. These shelves are turning into life savers and leaving me room to sell other shelves and craft my own studio of whatever it shall be. 

I usually have no problem visualizing things. But I keep on rehashing how everything is going to fit together.  

Changes come in threes and mine have been job, apartment & boyfriend. It is so funny how fast all of that can happen. And now my heart is finding room for a new person in it. It’s scary and exciting as this is really my first relationship. I am a novice, a neophyte. And I am finding out what my normal or what our normal is. Remembering that I/we don’t have to fit any mold but our own.

#oddnumbersrule #three



Christina Osheim