I really like Kevin Bacon. I used to never take him seriously because of the 7 degrees of separation and footloose- in which he is awesome. 

a friend and I watched I heart dick and man that was good!!! “Dear Dick, I want to make a X-Rated & Plated platter in honor of your ass.” Oh god that is just too creepy. It was good. And sexy. And saddeningly only one season long.

I started watching the following and am enjoying it. It’s the final episode of season one and how they end it is important. They did a good job- I was happily surprised. 

A good friend came to my studio to art and hang. We were talking about the full moon/eclipse and numbers. I am feeling I am changing. Or rather I am changing. Evolving. Becoming me.  It is so strange. 

I am finding some balance. And finding me. I may not get everything I desire for nynow done. But that’s ok.  I left st 9:30, too my friends dog for s walk and an half asleep waiting for the sheets to dry to make and sleep in my bed. 


good Night. Sweet dreams.  

Christina Osheim