There is nothing quite as satisfying as popping a big zit. Probably a combo of immediate satisfaction and feeling a bit sneaky as you know you shouldn’t.

anyway, i popped a nice one and spent a good 10 minutes picking at my face because...?!? It’s oddly satisfying in a creepy/bizarre fashion.


And am now lying in bed, writing this, and watching the final season of buffy. Did I mention C stands for class??? Hahaha. 🤦‍♀️

I feel surreally strangely calm that it will all be all right. I’d like to have more done. But this will do. And be done well. 

So strange.

i am trying to let go and let god and see what happens. It isn’t that I don’t care it’s that I do care and my obsessive brain rarely tells me exactly what needs to be done. So do my best and trust hp to guide me.

i went to a blessing circle tonight and it was great. I’m needing to work to get into 11th step. I’ve done this - blessing circle — before and it felt right to do it now. And I just thought of course! Thanks HP!

how strange is it to sort of believe in hp guiding me but to not believe in predestination. Whooooo knows.

Its all working. Slowly but surely. AND in order to function I must sleeeep.

Christina Osheim