I had a really good talk with my brother. The best thing about becoming sober and living the sober life is how close we have become. And I will recant the word “best”— I am trying to avoid superlatives. They are an extreme and I don’t want to live in them. Extremes.

(I’m watching an old Fred Astaire movie. And there is some not good male female relationship happening here. I did not expect this to make me think of the me too movement and in book group when we say a sex scene is too rapey. UGGGGH! Book it is tonight. Which is probably better anyway)

anyway, I was talking to my bro and it was good! I am beyond lucky to have a brother like him.

ive also still been feeling my feelings. They’re deep. In my lower stomach. But are shifting and moving and will soon become osmosised out of my body.

I am taking care of myself with the help of my program, friends and family, studio and HP.

time to read a beloved book.

Christina Osheim