blah blah blah. I wrote a post and didn’t share it. I did that the other day too. Hmmm. I guess they become the ghost posts for uninspired bloggers to source from.

right now this open, moon-cleansed me is tired. Yawning and feeling my eyelids drop tired. 

really good day. I ended looking at a place I’d be happy to move into. I was me and honest. It may happen it may not. I can’t do more than I have. HPs got this.

im watching top chef Canada and thinking about making shirts with this image on it. 


oh- i was also asked to be in an acc (American craft council) and Amazon handmade Xmas smart. And to be a vendor on another “Made in America” eplatform that is new and could be big. Who the F knows?!?!? I also saw on a poster that a guy I flirted with for a few months is playing a show I would probsbly like but will not attend. Soooo fing strange. 

Orher pix/vid from today  

Christina Osheim