I just came from meditation, the blessing circle. I received Deeksha. It was so cleansing and good and right. I am now eating empanadas I made and froze for times like this when I didn’t have dinner.

my posts of late have maybe sounded angsty or frustrated or mad/sad/bad whatever. I am, in reality, the most satisfied (happy is too overused) I have been before. It isn’t all new I am learning new habits, there are elements of acceptance is a bitch in everything. But man. I am not living in a dream of pink cloud but my reality. And taking steps to change the unhealthy aspects of said reality. It is pretty freaking awesome.

i worked hard. Was small Towned in a really good way, went to a meeting I hadn’t planned on and got to give a friend her 6 month chip and had a great intense meditation and am eating empanadas made by me. #lovemylife #clay4life


Christina Osheim