“Ack!! Im Larry Lawell.” Ack!! Ack!!

My brother drew this great cartoon of our high school principal, Larry Lawell, as a parrot in a cage in some bizarre setting. I’m teying to remember if this was the one in which Walt Disney’s cryo Head was being kept alive by a monkey riding an exercise bike and rats running in a wheel... I LOVE MY BROS CARTOONS! They went straight to the weak point of the theme and highlighted with acerbic, intelligent, hilarious syntax. 

my brother I’d s brilliant cartoonist! It always pissed me off a bit that he has such a good artistic hand as well as his computer engineering talents. Now I have accepted he’s a multi talented man and love the fact that he can do it! And accepting that my talents do not run to that. *sigh* acceptance is a BITCH!!!

Perhaps that is my theme for today: “acceptance is a bitch.” In so many aspects of my life this holds true. And perhaps that is it. Just saying it helps make it less. It’s like perimeters. You put me in a box and I make it into a rhombus. 

I still feel so strange. Like i am a walking multi version of me. I’m remembering so much of so many times and versions of me I’ve lived. And i get little whiffs of real life smells. ok. Tomorrow something new and unexpected will happen.

hei til da! 


Christina Osheim