It’s 6:59 am as I start this blog. I am really comfortable in my funny Harlem room and a bit sad that i pack up my life (right now me, the clothes on my back, my work & compter are my life) and hop to a new home tonight and then another temporary home tomorrow night. 

it is strange, the nomads life. I have gotten very comfortable putting down starter roots. Lightly planting myself comfortably somewhere for a while. But it’s strange.  

My studio really does feel like home in many ways. But it’s also my workplace and I need to be so careful not to load too many roles on that place or the structure will crack.  

I’m thinking about other temporary homes I could find when back in cville. A bed and WiFi and a door I could close that could be mine. But I am looking at a $100/month price tag for this.  

I am reflecting on this as this room is so close to what I want- except it’s in Harlem and not $100/month. Someone who is nice and I can be casual friends with to chat with on occasion but then space to just keep to myself. Like when I did the 5th year in providence. 

People who have read this blog or followed  it for a while can probably guess by my lack of specifics that it hasn’t been the show I was hoping for. And the same story as so many other shows gets repeated. 

Except I am not repeating. I tried andnreally hoped that this could lead to more clients like Harvard. But alas. So yesterday while the crickets chirped I brought my computer with me and worked. I’m adding stock, getting a fluid online selling system that would let me sell through Instagram and Facebook and a Shopify shop which I could link directly to my website.  

I have started taking pics of the objects I have on display when they have good lighting and a black background. I am moving forward into the next stage of my business even as I say goodbye and mourn this dying albatross called The Tradeshow.

and that is a difference in me. The small changes in my processing and action. I will be honest. This whole thing ducking sucks and i am out a good chunk of change. And I am not moping, wallowing In pity. Depresses, dejected and heartbroken. I am determined, a bit pissed, (a bit was a lie- pissed off is correct), and accepting that the next right thing for me to do is go after a market I do not understand.  

for me that involves admitting my own culpability in the slow startup of my company. It scares me- an online system with new rules and codes to learn. But learn them I will. And learn them NOW! NY now has become not NY Now but just NOW in terms of work and making it fit.  

And the best part. I am not alone. I have so many people supporting and helping me who will continue to support and help me. All I need to do is accept it when offered and ask for it when needed. That right there is another huge change. I am not in this alone. Often I do feel lonely, like right now venturing off into the world wirh my backpack and car keys. But that is temporary and shallow.

so, my dear blog buddies I must go shower and get my rear in gear. 🤞I get to what the charming dwarf playing in the tunnel again today! #lovemylife #clay4life


Christina Osheim