I have the best friends. I saw one, who I went to preschool with?!?!?😱, after NYNOW. We had a delicious dinner, walked to Bryant park, where there just happened to be an outdoor movie playing that wasn’t insanely crowded because of rain, watched a hot second of looney toons and caught up.

it was great. It was so great. I haven’t seen him since I was at a low point with my career in alcoholism. His son who is now about 4 turning 5 was a few months old. Crazy that it’s been 4 years.  

One of the reasons that I love my friends so much is I told him that the best parts of my day were listening to the dwarf playing the accordion incredibly well in the mta. He said “the Ukrainian guy @ what station?” I was shocked!!! He KNEW who I was talking about and described the station exactly. I LOVE IT!!! And the second best part was seeing him and catching up. 

i am a truly blessed lady to be living this life. Things go well, don’t go well, but goddam I have such an amazing group of friends and family who make my life a joy to live.

Ok blog buddies! I’m warxhing bad tv and getting ready for tomorrow! Xoxo 


Christina Osheim