I’m staying in an air bnb in Harlem, it’s cool and strange. Feels half like a dorm room and half like a room I’d stay in at  some older motel in the Midwest. A touch of Bates motel perhaps as there is a monitor that has camera shots of everyone coming in and out of the building and hall outside. I kinda wish there was a bit of moose’s cafe here—stuffed animals or birds hanging in here- the room of lost taxidermy. I am LOVING the absurdity of it.

Dichotomies and paradoxes you are the meat of my life. 

So much is changing. Or stuff hasn’t changed, but I have. That is the thing. Small changes in how I think, respond, etc has huge impact in my life.

its like diving through ny city. This place is so great and I felt like I was revisiting old memories and past trips I’ve taken various places. It’s like seeing old memories through a layer of gauze.

im also learning. What goes wrong, or what parts I as an owner and implemented fail at. Driving up I talked to a good friend for while. It’s so great to have someone who has been close for 20 years to spot check with.  

speaking of old friends, tomorrow I get to go have dinner with a close friend from PRESCHOOL!!! Although we didn’t bexlme friends until 18. The funny thing is the husband of my friend I talked to earlier was also in the same preschool and the two of them are buddies also.

Such a small, strange world, that is yet vast, mysterious & overwhelming

ok. Paradox and dichotomies has been reached again. Time to snoooooooooooooooooooooooze. 


Christina Osheim