What am I, you ask. I being me, Christina Marie Osheim, dubiously half named for queen Christina of Sweden— Christina is a Scandinavian name!!! And not a Latin based name for good old JC. (This is what my parents told me when I asked them there was a Swedish queen named xtina - I later learned that queen Christina was not the male her father wanted, was raised as a boy, had Descartes as a tutor and made him work long hours in cold Swedish castle causing him to get sick and die early. She later converted to Catholicism, renounced her thrown, and moved to Rome where she ultimately dies. It is also the name of a great grandmother, but hey I kinda get a kick out of The nutty queen.)

I have been a nomad. In some respect on the lam since 2010 when I moved out of my beloved apt to go to Cranbrook. 

Since then I’ve moved or partially moved 1-3 times a year. Uff da. And now my studio feels like home. But it’s not totally as it is also work. 

so tonight. It’s almost 2am. I’m waiting for granny in my parents basement to be able to fully unload and reload. I am also dog sitting/house sitting for a friend so after this — I also took a 1:30 shower- I will go back to the studio say some prayers to the aforementioned JC and his counterpart HP. *please please please let my toner be ready to print and not smear* and pack up work to take back to doggy house and start in the am.

im a kiln juggler, bed juggler (sadly not in the sexy way, but hobo way) and clay lover.

i made a breakthrough today. And then moved just a weee but too fast and lost two sexy plates. *sigh* maybe it’s HP saying don’t get to full of yourself. To slow down. It’s a huge fucking bummer. Especially as I will be firing 2 more kilns tonight.  

And I am now wearing my elect Obama T-shirt to sleep in sans bra and a hippie tie died skirt. With my hair in an elegant towel wrap.  

I sound manic. And I am not exactly. Just being reminded of the fact that when I try and force everything to be my way it usually flubs up.  

So im going on HP time. I’ll get to NYC when I get there. Set up shouldn’t be too bad. 6:15/6:30 alarm. Get to work. Get some rest, I have a glorious dog to sleep with tonight. 

ok, goodnight 




Christina Osheim