oh boy, I am one pooped chickadee. I again feel like I haven’t posted anything of serious value for the past few days. Because I have been busy. Aaaaah! The paradoxical circle continues. Meta times meta times meta is not meta to the third. But. It is. *bomb emoji intended to be used but my phone doesn’t have what I wanted.*

i am feeling near the edge of new change. Good change I believe. But change. And Right  now I’m trying to learn my new patterns of feeling. And sitting in them. And not letting the hill become a mountain. And to actually see some of what helps my anxieties grow is people who love me trying their best to understand me and something they don’t know about.  And I get super sensitive and resentful. It’s interesting. I’ve never thought about it this way before. And now it seems very “duh.” Hahaha, perhaps it is just very duh, but I didn’t see the duh and obviousness until now. So it’s a slippery duh, like an eel. Possibly an electric eel. 🤣

it is also my studio looking to expand. Lots of possibilities. And I am beginning to trust the steps/process and trying to feel my feelings and fears until they subside into whatever they are meant to be— the good the bad and the ugly. 

i hung out with a friends daughter yesterday and she is the best. I taught clay to another friends son and her niece. It is such s joy!  taight ny adult class- they are getting it!! And the cream to this weekends crop is my brother and sister in law are in town for a week. My heart is so happy to see them and have time to just hang and see them. Hearts all around on me!


Christina Osheim