I did write my post last night. And.... forgot to save & publish. Whoops.

maybe that is it. Life is happening and keeping me busy. I feel I am beginning to learn how to feel my feelings. To sit in them. No, not stew, as that would be anxiety producing. But to sit. And do the thinking that needs to be done and follow my gut or intuition.

there is 1000 sq feet in my studio. With its own door. Next to mine. And I’ve been thinking for a while about clay for meditation & mindfulness as a tool for those in recovery.  I’ve worked out a loose business plan. And think I need this space to expand my business and to use my experience and education to help and share with others. I wouldn’t set it up at a 501 non profit. And then any revenue after a months rent would be used for studio improvements.  

My thterapist recommended that I read.”Living Like You Mean It.” I got bitch slapped when anxiety, doubt and fear ganged up on me. 

i have gotten distracted yet again.

i am on a new anxiety medication to help sleep and it’s helping. This book, my therapist— she’s awesome, email me if you want her info- and beginning to learn to sit in my feelings (long way to go my sit is probably more like holding a toe in for a minute) 


lots of new stuff happening. Sorta scary and sort of delightful. I’m thinking good thoughts and asking good questions. So much good is happening. And so much is unknown. That is ok. I can learn to sit in my not knowing. If things don’t go as I hope I will be ok. I will not pick up a drink. I will make and continue to share my love of clay with the world.


tomorrow am I’m off to NYC! Woo to the hoo!


Christina Osheim