part one

 ”Diane, it’s 7:23 and I’m sitting in a BarcaLounger at Möbius Keramikk having my first cup of coffee...”

(for all my fellow twin peakers)

i am doing just that. It’s the last day of July and man, what a month! I feel like I have taken my first major step into living ,y own life. And not trying to squeeze myself into a hole or dress someone wants me to be in. (God, how angsty 17 year old some of this must read at times. Or eat pray love. *sigh* I must accept that is how someone could read this and know that is ok. Because there is more, it is not so shallow, ((at least dear god I hope so!!! 🤣)) because a record of these shifts of mind and heart are good at any and every level.) 

I believe I am smelling again. Little nuggets here and there. Like my coffee this am, my car 😱, the grass outside my studio and little surprises here and there. And a skunk last Saturday. 🤣🤣🤣 it feels like there is a world of possibility opening up. Soon this, my studio, will be my home. This right here may become a routine, drink your first coffee, have the door propped, feel the wet grass in my toes, and listen to the fauna come alive and greet the day. This is one of those moments for me that feels so joyously right that it aches. A good ache, or am”queer ache” as my literary doppelgänger would say. 

And that’s just it. I am getting used to aches. Happy aches, heart aches, sadness, the ache of a bend in the road and what’s coming next. Saturday a friend and I had a very honest conversation and that world feels like it is now right sized. Sunday I had a very honest conversation with my parents about what the reality is and why that is not working for me or our relationship. And now there is a bend I’m the road. Next week I’ll head off to NYNOW and it will most likely be my last time there until I get bigger, if that’s what I decide I want.  And honestly I don’t know, that is a future bend and I am meant to enjoy this current bend and see what’s around the corner, 



Part 2

i have my first sign up for carefree clay. So many people are interested in it! it is so holy moly wow! 


Part 3

was yo late and forgot to post— this is yesterday  




Christina Osheim