This whole blood moon and eclipse they had just happened has made me wonky all week. Kinda like my brain and I have been playing an elaborate game of chess. Or that I just went fight club on myself. My ego and Id, yin and yang have been wanting the ENTIRE seat. 

god, my use of metaphors is so freaking silly. But effective for me. I have trouble putting definitive words to how I’m thinking or feeling. So often I’ve said X is how I’m feeling and hear from my therapist “that’s not a feeling. What’s underneath X?” 


but it’s mlving forward and learning to read and be with myself.  

after being a whirling dervish for a while I feel like I’ve gotten all of this anxious energy that has been pent up, taking up way too much space in this poor funny little head expelled. I have what I need in place. AND- this is huge for me- I can do what needs to be done. ANd I believe done well.  

There may be so many unknowns in life but I do know that I can and do make and give back to my community through making. And that HP’s driving the bus. I’m just along for the ride, laughing, loving & spreading my joy throughout the world as I go.  



Christina Osheim