Okay. I can be honest and share about me. This summer has been a Dickens-esque one. It has been the best summer I could have imagined and the hardest. 

I have lost my heart. Fell hopelessly in love. It has been unexpected and glorious. And now sitting in my feelings and feeling my feelings I have no clue how all of this will end. I can do nothing other than be me and honest and trust HP to get me where I’m going. 

It It is all new. And the mercurial nature of it all is exhilarating snd infuriating. But underneath it’s still solidly what it is. A paradox that is my life. More often than not I find joy in it. But some days... So I’m just going to ride the mercury wave and hope I don’t end up insane or bouncing into millions of balls. 

ok, a day is happening. A good day. Right now i am finishing Edward the goat of this day. Or the goat of the abreal. Or absurd . 🤓 


Christina Osheim