I’m sitting here in West Elm DC while the store is going through a 3pm lull.

its been a great pop up! I’m so happy to be here and to be getting the reactions I have been. And selling a thing or 2.  

One of my best friends lives up here and we were texting. It got a bit rainy and she’ll be in cville next week  

and 7 hours later I’m in bed really thankful for this day. I had a good time and learned a lot. And had a really great long visit with my sponsor on the way home. We went over my case file so to speak and I am learning. Progress is being made. I am doing the right things and doing the right things to correct what I have done wrong. I’m beginning to own my shit.  

also interesting- it was great to be back in DC- I miss that place and big cities I’ve lived in. But driving into albemarle country and seeing my sponsors secluded house made me feel oh so happy to not be in a city. From that book of poems I loved as a kid- im a country mouse and not a city mouse- it’s the Norwegian farmer blood I think. 


Christina Osheim