I set this up to be transparent and I have been. But sometimes I just don’t share things that are too complicated or involve others privacy. 

That is where I’m stuck tonight. I can’t share what I want to. Or let me rephrase, I choose not to share what I would. And not stating that and posting “bunnies and frogs and snakes oh boy! Studio is turning into a den of creatures. Soon I expect to hear rats playing maracas!.” All of that is true and is part of my day but not really what’s on my mind.

this makes me think of when I came out as an alcoholic and addict here. I felt such a weight lifted as I had been lying by omission. 

so I have had a really good day, if confusing at times. Have 500# of clay in my car and a very tired brain.  

I am sitting at my church finishing the work I didn’t This am as Napoleon @ vmfa was calling. And my favorite teapot set. I also have decided with what is frustrating is to be me- the hopeful, joyful, happy me and have faith it will work out as I believe it needs to. Needs vs. wants are such a bitch. There is a fine line. 

so I will leave you with napoleons death portrait that reminds me a lot of Edward Gorey. 



and the teapot 😄

Christina Osheim