Today’s blog is my 10th step inventory


1. I worried too much about things I can’t control other than thy will not my will time takes time and do the next right thing

2. Self centered pity

3. I worried about the new steps my business needed to take to be financially successful. I worried if the consequences of my past will make my dreams more difficult or unattainable

4. Yes, often. HP can give me the patience to remember that time takes time.

5. Yuuuuup! I did realize that I do have another amend I hadn’t listed that I need to do a write up on & talk to my sponsor

6. Mixed bag. I have been trying to feel my feelings and have been, so I’ve been yo-yo-ing a bit ending with gratitude and time takes time. And to be kind, to myself as well.

7. I got my Kiddo toys for my mom to have with her company tnite. I coated with The two kiddos I’m teaching. I reached out to many at craft cville.

8. I reminded myself often to try and think of the best possible reasons for why someone is acting how they did when I was irritated or discontent— aka I aimed for compassion. I prayed for hp to help with my character defects. I remembered HALT and that I was juggling all the letters

9. My good dear friend from old by giving her and her kiddos and family as much kindness and compassion and love as I could. My parents by being thoughtful. My friend for agreeing to have clay week, like shark week, with his daughter. Which will be fun and keep me out of falling into a bad spiral based out of fear of the unknown


Christina Osheim