oh goodness. What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither, the turducken.

my body is taking me on an emotional roller coaster. Up down forward backwards loopty loopty loo...

Yesterday my dad and I drove in his truck to Floyd valley~2.5 hours away. He ended up slicing his hand badly while moving the kiln into the truck her.

He needed to go to the hospital so I drove us to Roanoke with le kiln strapped to his back. I took care of my dad and did the next right thing. All will be ok, but the outcome is unclear.

i am in such a strange place. I’m working with my therapist to fully feel my feelings and not repress them. And my feelings are so contradictory in so many ways.

What I am trying to do is sit in my feelings and not be ashamed of them or have to justify them. Feelings are feelings. Do the next right thing and look long term at what is best. Talk to many, look inside, give the problem to HP and flow with what direction it leads you.

So I will love this kiln. It will help tske me to the next level. My dad offered to help. I am sad that happened, and it was an accident. No one is at fault. Do the next right thing and care. And love. And give them freely. Turn your heart into a solar system.

and on that goodnight!




Christina Osheim