Oh my gosh. I have had a great day. I am thinking I can do this. I think I have it in me. I get so much joy from making. And as long as I think about what’s jn front of me and what my body can handle and stop before I push to far it seems to be working.

its amazing to think that when I got sober I had very few to no friends. And that I have built this amazing network of people who love and support me. It is so wonderful. And that I have this heart that can expand and grow and just keep adding more to it’s hold. It does feel so strange as I’m doing all of this in my home town. So much of it feels like I’m echoing the same joy and discovery of my teens and finding out that I AM good at art. 

I do worry about extremes and veering too much toward them. I have a great time when I’m working and helping others and sharing my love of clay and making. It’s the best. 


Christina Osheim