Ack! Good day but I am tired. And whenever I try to write anything when I’m tired to the point of sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep I tend to get into self pity posts. Hahahaha. Character defect rises again!  

I’m good. I think I can do this. I think I am doing this. I am making a space my home and finding other places to be my home.  

Aaaaaaaaand. I almost got off track into the cd pathway to ennui.  

So its 9:49 and I’ve had a stellar day. Didn’t do everything I wanted to. But did a lot. And I am a lady known for unrealistic goals. 

so darth Vader — one of my favorite pieces an old friends 6 or 7 yo son made earlier today— is telling telling me to join the force of sleep. 🤞no anxietomnia Wakes me at the witching hour. 

Christina Osheim