Yoga is so good! Oh man. I feel incredible. Also, it’s 9:12 and I’m at home, in bed, with my list for today done. 

I just tried to write a haiku to try and express what is happening in this funny noggin. Nope

Lots is happening and I am feeling so much. I am like a walking Snuggie filling out the corners, seeing what shape I will be. It is do unfamiliar. And scary. And delightful. I am the chameleon of snuggles. Some days feeling bedazzled, ofhertikes plaid flannel. Or my favorite the texture of an old favorite T-shirt or sweatshirt. 

I like learning new things. And I like asking questions- what if? So I ask myself now? What if I feel? And breathe. And expect the future to be unknown, but whatever it is to be good if I put good work and energy forward. 


Christina Osheim