I have the best therapist. I got through year one of alcoholism/sobriety with her. And I feel like we are entering into the year two goal: feel my feelings.

I am prone to try and justify/intellectualize or try to tamp down/deny/numb. And both of those heighten anxiety and make relapse more likely. So I’m learning to feel my feelings. It almost seems like feelings are like sleep and you can get a feeling deficit not unlike a sleep deficit and I have some feeling to catch up on. 

So strange to not know how to feel. Just plain feel without the rest of the baggage.  

Fast forward 11 hours. I am feeling my feelings and one of pure joy at the fun I had making ice cream with the kiddos. I have so much fun hanging out and coloring and making with them. It’s also great how good a friend their mom has become. I really do hope that my studio continues to draw more people in. I love the idea of carrying Karen, or my understanding of her into cville. I do need to read that book by the arty nun in ca. In a past life I feel she and I would have been buddies.

ok blog friends, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is craft cville or cville craft and I have a plan for display.  


Christina Osheim