wow. I am 20 minutes early to my yoga class. Sitting outside in my car. I remember the last time I did this I was writing about how much yoga intimidated me. Now I am feeling pretty excited about the class and life in general. 

So much of my new sober life is learning new patterns and reactions. At this very moment I am having to remind myself to breathe, stay centered and don’t let my elation at life pull or push me off the axis and get into what bad will happen. I’m not sure if it’s that bad will happen because you did too much celebrating or were too... I dunno... but maybe it is? Maybe when you go into one extreme you lose your finesse and have to touch another extreme tonfind your center and by doing so disrupt the equilibrium.  

But then again Anne of Green Gables is my literary doppelgänger and I can’t helpt but go to the highest of highs. 

anyway, my cups for the rehearsal dinner were a hit. I have 12 plates for RBS on the docket and was approached by a company in NYC to be part of their store HOME in Tribeca. 

celebrations indeed! Ok. A horse fly is buzzing around my car and it’s 6:46. Time to get ready for yoga class! Sun salutation indeed!


Christina Osheim